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In a stunning display of MTA -ness, the young thrower Nick Citola from the USA, finally broke down the long standing 1997 record of Eric Darnell(USA).

Erics 13 year record was previously 1 minute 44 seconds, however even this mighty time was devastated by Nicks 2 minutes and 19 seconds.


The record was also set on a great stage - none other than the 2010 world championships in Rome. All those potato plants must have been giving off thermals :)


For some idea of the crazyness that must have been going on, one only has to glance at the top 10 MTA times. The lowest - yes the lowest was 58 seconds. The sort of MTA that most of us dream of.


In the same session, our french friend Sonia Appriou set the French MTA 100 record of 1 minute 11 seconds, picking up 4th place in the process.


Wow, thats almost enough time to make a cup of tea and  drink it we reckon.






MTA world record finally falls

Page last updated Sunday, 4 July 2010

Team USA 2010 - photo courtesy of Andrea Sgattoni

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