September 2007

Birmingham UK

Format -: 4 traditional + MTA (optional extra)

Weather - Overcast and perfect winds.



7 Brits try out Virtual Tourno


A relatively new thing in the world of boomerang tourno's. Dates are posted, normally 3 days - and everyone who wants to try, has to commit to these days - any will do.


Hold a competition - even if you are on your own. Practice as much as you wish - but when you are ready - its game on. No turning back if you have a crap round. Then post your results online, and compare them to other throwers from accross the boomerang global community.


Due to the nature of single scoring, only these events are contested (although there is nothing to stop you doing others) - the events are -:




Fast Catch






6 Brits met at Pickwick fields in Birmingham, and Ollie threw somewhere in a mysterious place called Northumberland.


In Birmingham....


Martin (Pickwick Rules) Laslett

Mark (Please Shut up) Lisney

Greg ( I have crashed my car again) McKenna

Rob (Left Hand ? right Hand ?) Russel

Adam (Are you sure that wasnt 20m?) McLaughlin

Jim (Safe Hands) Millar


The only thing missing from perfect conditions was sunshine. Apart from that is was spot on. We did not start until 14:30 - so that meant just over 3 hours of reasonable daylight.


Well for Brits we got some pretty damn good scores - look at the Endurance results. We did everything apart from Aussie round, and we also held proper competition standards - ie line marking, and good marking out of lines. In other words - the scores were accurate.


Some personal bests were gotten - now we need to decide if these counts in the bigger scheme of things. I would suggest that they all do, except for MTA, which was unlimited, and there is no way of telling if Adam's 47 sec was over the 100m line.....


Notable scores were Marks 51 endurance .... Adams 90 trick catch ... Martin 83 Accuracy, and Adams 47 sec MTA.


We all had a great time, and had quite a few spectators at one stage.


I quite like this format - its definately better with your throwing friends though....


Until the next one..... !


















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