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Date October 10th and 11th 2014

Viareggio - Italy .Weather Day 1 Windy !  Day  2 - Calm!



Day 1


Ok, here's my summary of Viareggio 2014. First event is accuracy in light winds. But as always we are never happy are we! No amazing scores but a few good ones. I hold my own with ..? Can't quite remember but look at the score sheet.


Then we move to fast catch in light but not calm winds. Some very good times including some sub 20.


Now it's getting tough, Aussie round follows and the wind is a constant 10mph and not stopping. At least it's clean wind as Frido reminded me. The wind is your friend in Viareggio! This is flippin tough. The best scores were in group 1 but from there onwards its hard.


Finally MTA for Day 1. More wind. The best time is 32? Bloody hell, Viareggio is meant to be nice and easy!



Day 2


Very light winds, 2 events - Endurance and Trick. Conditions perfect.

Adam breaks Marks long time endurance one catch. 53 catches.








viareggio 2014

Photos - Adam Mac

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