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Date October 23rd/24th 2010

Viareggio - Italy .Weather Day 1 winds light, mixed to calm. Day  2 - Light then very strong.


30 throwers and friends met for the premier final competition of the season, in the legendary weather condtions of Viareggio, Italy. From the UK, Adam, Martin, Jay and Gill... The best way to start the weekend - a good catch up with friends in our favorite back street pizzaria


So onto day 1. The only thing was the wind was determined to be tricky. The day started with accuracy, with most throwers not exceeding 70 points. Tricky medium winds. Martin did extremely well to hit 3rd position with 77 points. The top score was just 78. For here that is low.


Fast catch followed in same winds. No one gets under 20 secs and only 5 get under 25 secs.Hmm this isn't the Viareggio we were promised!


By now early afternoon and calmer conditions. Aussie round became challenging, getting these rangs back from 50m was a skill. Dizzy blazed the way with a superb 91, using a fuzzy 4mm wooden favorite. I also did well with a 76 point but at least the winds were nice.


We then in fading light, hurried to get MTA completed before dark. Which we did with a beautiful sunset backdrop. Wind had all but died. it was cool and quite magical with all those MTAs floating silently down. Absolutely no thermals. Manuel used his amazing strength to get blistering height with a carbon Wind Sailor. I was astonished to also see Marie getting amazing height. I came 3rd in MTA with a respectable 36 secs. Only 6 scores exceed 30 secs, with a fantastic 47 secs from Manuel winning the session.


Day 2 - Rain. We wait. Then reasonable wind for trick. Not all that strong, a little tricky for some. Some very good scores. Highest was a 98 from a skilful Alessandro. Martin Jay and me all get top 10 best personal bests.


Endurance starts in very nice conditions. Light puffs of wind. The first groups get great times, with many getting 40,50 and above. Then hell happened. First indications were a swift 180 degree shift of wind. Now coming from the sea. Then it hit. Hard. 20 mph winds. Relentless. For those unfortunate enough to be in these last few to throw, it was brutally unfair.


Final placings below (Top 15). Thanks to Alessandro and all those Italians who laid on a great event with some super trophies. Will we be back to find the legendary winds again? You bet because they will probably be there.









viareggio 2010

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Photos - Adam Mac


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