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August 28th, 29th and 30th 2010

Weather - medium to strong winds. Mostly sunny.


The BBS was pleased to greet some friends from Europe this year! in what proved to be a tightly contested event.


From Denmark - Jens and Hanna, from France, Christophe and Cateah, and from Germany - Oli Thienhaus. Saturday had mixed but reasonable winds, which got stronger in the afternoon. Sunday had difficult winds for the 2 events contested - trick catch and Endurance. Somewhere in the region of 10-15mph. Not easy. Sadly MTA had to be abandoned. The field although superb underfoot was just too small for MTA, so only 5 events were completed for the competition.


Still - that didn't stop one of Martins crazy games - throw an MTA as hard as possible (never mind the wind) the winning team was the one that managed to catch the boomerang futhest from launch. The best distance and a catch by team mates in the next field was 146 metres. Oli though did have a rather spectacular flight of 313 metres, with Jay narrowly missing a catch due to a waterway stopping his attempt.


Scores below, with a weekend write up from Oli to follow.


Thanks once again to Jay and Gill and all who helped over 50 people enjoy a great weekend of fun and throwing.


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Winners 2010 - Oli Thienhaus, Adam McLaughlin and Jack Butters


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Oli Thienhaus wins Trefriw 2010

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