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30th June 2012

Outdoor Weather - 15-20 mph winds.

Indoor - 0.3mph (air conditioning!)


For the second year running  we had to cancel the event this weekend, well for singles anyway.


The wind was also terrible, it would not have been fun outside.


So, undeterred, we booked two indoor courts for 2.5 hours and completed a very good 6 event indoor event.


Using a standard Martin Laslett design, this was a great leveller. All the boomerangs were the same and it really came down to how you coped with tuning and throwing these 10gram boomerangs.


Range was around 8-10 metres and the following events were contested (all in good fun)



Fast catch




Accuracy play offs.


The whole thing was finished in 2 separate sessions lasting 2.5 hours.


The score was very close and hard to predict - Jack won MTA with a time over 5 seconds!


So, the winner this year - Martin Laslett .


The next and last UK tournament of the year will be 'Iron Man' in September.













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