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June 25/26th 2011

Weather - 15-20 mph winds.


Sadly, we had to cancel the event this weekend, well for singles anyway.


The wind was terrible, it would not have been fun.  


Some team games took place, and a strange android version of Russell Jones out threw and out caught everyone. This artificial human was awarded the Shrewsbury 2011 winner, collecting a lovely engraved beer glass for his efforts.


Lets hope we have some good wind for the final singles event of the year - Iron Man in September.








Shrewsbury 2011

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Shrewbury 2011 wind ranking - 5/5

1 = How can it be too calm for MTA?!

2= Perfect. Throw till your arm hurts.

3= Tricky, but not bad...

4= Hard work, but throwable

5= Put boomerangs away. Get a kite.