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June 2010

Weather - Sunny warm, medium winds.



Excellent venue, with the only downside being the legendary windy conditions.

However this year, for the 2nd year running, conditions were hot, although a little windy at times.


10 throwers registered for the 1 day event, breaking into 2 groups, managed by the experienced Mr McKenna-Slade.


Some new and old throwers went head to head - Matt Buxton from Wales, Ed Cadman from the past, and Cassienne who is briefly visiting the UK.


Scores are below, and here as an excel file. Russell and Angela were once again excellent hosts, with the top 3 getting some cool t-shirts depicting some dude called Darwin. Used to live in Shrewsbury apparantly.




Shrewsbury 2010 results

Page last updated Sunday, 4 July 2010

shrews2010 shrewswinners2010

Winners 2010 - Jack Butters, Adam McLaughlin, Mark Holman-Lisney

Matt Buxton who threw for the first time at Shrewsbury, had this to say -


"I had heard about the unpredictable winds in Shrewsbury but the morning started off very mild with hardly any wind and I thought to myself, "we are in  for a good day today". The sun was blazing and the skies were blue, a perfect day for throwing some boomerangs with some great people. A new comer, Cassienne all the way from New Zealand joined us as she is over in the UK for a short stay and Ed Cadman re-joined the BBS after taking some time out. The competition started with the accuracy event and the winds picked up and seemed to be blowing from random directions making it very difficult to judge! Nevertheless there some very respectable scores with Adam scoring a decent 60 and Mark winning the round with 61. Aussie round was next and that saw Adam winning the round and myself getting a personal best in competition, so far so good! Next came MTA, and the wind picked up again but there were decent times to be found, there was a 31 seconds by Mark, a 26 by Jack and a 44 by Adam, I am not going to mention what I had :-). Next we had the dreaded endurance round, well I was dreading it anyway as I nearly passed out last time, but even in the tricky wind, there were some respectable scores to be had. The winner of the round was Mark with 35, second came Jack with 33 and in third place was me with my safe 'FNLC*' boomerang. Next came fast catch, the winds a little kinder at this stage, this saw Adam take the round with a 22.19 and Jay coming in second with 26.57. Finally we ended the day with trick catch. The final 3 positions for the day were: Adam taking poll position, Mark coming in with a 2nd and Jack taking the Desmond.


It was a tough day, with over 7 hours of boomeranging, enough to make anyone feel like they have been hit by a bus in the morning, Darwin would have been proud (I think)! But it was all good fun on a gloriously sunny day in a beautiful part of the country with great people. Unfortunately I couldn't make the evening 'activities', but I  heard it was full of good food and drink. We can now look forward to the next event, (the new one!), down in sunny Surrey. Let's hope for some more of the great sunshine and some slightly less random wind!





* Flies Nice, Looks Crap

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