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ollie snook

Ollie normally comes to the UK for a short break in the summer. He has only completed one full UK tournament ( Trefriw 2009) which since he is rather good, is a bit lucky for the rest of us. If Ollie were able to compete in other UK events, he would definately be a force to be reckoned with. Ollie is (mainly) based in Sao Paulo Brazil.


name:ollie snook


born :19


nationality : British (lives in Brazil)


first boomerang thrown : 19?


Personal Bests in Competition


Aussie round : 19 points


Fast catch : 48.15 seconds


MTA 100 : 29.80 seconds


Accuracy : 59 points


Trick Catch : 74 points


Endurance : 27 catches


Long Distance : N/A