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Date October 9th &10th 2010

Mallorca - Spain

Weather - Day 1 very good, day 2 Strong wind.


This increasingly popular beach tournament has a great attendance at the end of the throwing season and this year was the 5th that Toncho and club Virazon have hosted the Mallorca event.


The location is lovely - a compact 45m beach framed by the harbour and open sea. 50m Aussie round is not possible (unless you are happy with your boomerang just missing a concrete wall and some boat masts!)


The weather is normally extremely favourable, with light winds and warm or hot conditions. The hotel is excellent, based 1 minute from the circles with great food and rooms.


This year was the first time a Brit has attended (Adam), and in all 19 friends met to throw and have fun.


Day 1 started with very light winds and straight into MTA, with several opting for the K7 in carbon, which were just staying within boundaries. Oli Rau had some excellent height with his Quirl Pax MTA, winning with over 30 secs. Interesting to note - your 3 top MTA times were added together then averaged. Adam was crippled by this since he only had 2 valid catches, placing a poor 13th on this event alone. Painful lesson.


Trick followed with some good scores and an impressive 91 points from a sure footed Oli Thienhaus. Adam lost a 10 year old doubler into the harbour and threw a fresh and pretty much untested pair of Jay Butters doublers to claw back an impressive 78 points.


Accuracy then followed with a little more wind. Again good scores all round with Toncho hitting 84 and Oli T 82 points. Then after a break, and with dropping winds, aussie round was completed, with Adam scoring a 71 points using a near 50m 3D3.


Sunday dawned with lashing rain and strong winds, so the final 2 events started much later, in initial very light winds. The beach used the day before was flooded and unusable, so a slight trek down the beach for more suitable sand. Then halfway into fast catch the wind suddenly picked up and remained at 10-20 mph for the rest of this and endurance. It was very difficult for everyone.


At the end of the afternoon, results were tensly announced - with 53 year old Oli Rau in first, Adam 2nd and Toncho 3rd place.


Adam said" I absolutely recommend this event. I loved it and so did my wife! A superb crowd and brilliant location, it will definately be in my diary for the future"





Mallorca 2010 (5th Mallorca Round)

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