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25th September 2015

Birmingham - Shutlock Lane - Highbury Park

Weather - A lovely, light wind day, with lots of sun and tricky winds!


September in the UK is a strange month. High pressures which are pretty much absent for most of the summer pop by to remind boomerang throwers that kind wind tournaments are not just for Italy.


And so was the case for the second year running in Birmingham UK. Very nice, warm, light but changeable winds. Throw into the mix a field pretty much lined with oak trees to confound your 50m booms and then make the throwers complete 7 events in about 6 hours..and this is the Iron Man. Afternoon snoozes and chatting in the flip flop bar is for a completely different world.


8 throwers this year, the core plus Matt Buxton and Bill Hirst.


Accuracy starts, with some quite odd wind which is hard to read. After the round is over Jay was delighted to show the experienced field how to win, scoring an impressive 76 points. Fast catch quickly follows in calm to, tricky winds. The first round for most was hard, but Adam threw his second best ever score with a very respectable 20 secs.


With early afternoon upon us, and in really tricky light winds exacerbated by the tall nearby oak trees, Aussie round commenced. No stand out scores today, although Jay and Adam both got a 6-4-10 each both using NiKo designs. Again a superb result for Jay who wins again.


Endurance next in the same crafty winds. Most struggled, but Adam and Martin manage respectable 30+ scores. With everyone now feeling quite exhausted, we start to realise why it's called Iron Man and not Mallorca Man.


Trick catch quickly follows with Martin scoring an impressive 56 and Adam 60 points. Special mention to Gills one hand behind the back.


Pushing on we complete the penultimate event of MTA in pretty nice conditions. Late September sun, very light winds, just lovely. Everyone scores, and Adam dominates with his Windsailor extreme getting several 30+ flights and one of 41 secs.


So, just when you think it's all over, the 7th event kicks in. This year, as always it must be said, it was another great one. Very nice shake up of winners - despite it being MTA based - Adam comes last. Gill and Bill score strongly.


MTA accuracy with time bonus. The rule is


1. Stand anywhere on the field


2. Everyone throws at once on countdown from Sean


3. All catches or drops will score if in the air for more than 10 secs


4. Every 10 secs Sean shouts out the time elapsed throwers listen for this.


5. The aim is to get your MTA caught closet to the bull


6. To score...first look at all catches over 10 secs. Closet to bull gets 7 points (as 7 throwers)


7. Next closest catch gets 6.. Continue until all catches are done. Then score the same way for remaining points for drops over 10 secs.


8. Final twist - bonus points are allocated as follows. Any time over 10 secs to 19 secs gets 1xpoints.


Any time over 20 secs gets 2 x points

Any time over 30 secs gets 3 x points and so on.


So, a 20 second catch nearest the bull gets 7x2=14 points. But a 40 second catch furthest away might only get 1x4=4 points. It was a new game and easy to score and do ... And really jumbled up the weaker and stronger throwers. This is good.

A lovely evening then follows as usual at Marts house, where the scores following the day's events are announced. The freakishly heavy trophy is hoisted back to Hertfordshire for the 5th time and the new British Champion is Adam...but only just!









ironman 2015


The BBS at the end of another great Iron Man event.

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