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We are always surprised by the amount of people who have never seen a boomerang in flight.... and they are amazed when watching these modern boomerangs in motion.


The answer is obviously...yes! They come right back to the thrower, although it takes a little practice to be able to do this well.


Now there are many different types of boomerangs, all with different shapes of flight. Some will go very very far indeed. In fact so far you can have difficulty seeing them! Consider that a typical Long distance boomerang may be 2mm thick. Imagine trying to see a 2p coin on edge at 100 meters, that is what we are trying to do here....


The most common range though is between 20-40 meters, and most of these gently fall back into the hand for an easy catch.


The most important point for a successful return is to throw into the wind, and to launch the boomerang at the correct angle.


I once had a pensioner who after watching me throw, ask if the boomerang was attached to me with string, or maybe satellite control?


Sometimes after throwing for a good session, it is possible to throw a boomerang, have it travel 40-50 meters and fall into your hands, all without moving your feet a single pace.








Do they really come back?

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