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July 14th - 17th  2011

Bordeaux - France


This is the fourth time that the European Boomerang Championships are to be held in France. We like this. Great wine and er interesting food. As long as its not offal its fine. Over 70 throwers expected. Great company guaranteed.


Only one entrant from the UK - Adam McLaughlin.


Friday LD


Some 20 throwers gathered at a huge field about 30 minutes from the main accomodation. Wind for the morning was quite light, certainly not really enough to bring a boomerang back from over 100 metres. A few achieved this, but most dropped short of the line.


Second part of the day, the wind sorted itself out for perfect conditions. A steady 10-15 mph.


The LD boomerangs were screaming, with some huge throws.


Most bizarre moment of the day was when Stevie Kavanaugh lost sight of his returning Voyager. Everyone nervously waited, not sure of how close it was going to be. Unitl we heard the sound of a boomerang clearly striking something. By freakish chance, it had struck the 8 ft flag at the line end, and was perfectly balanced at the very top. There it stayed for about 3 seconds before toppling off for a scoring return ...


Top 3 throws were -


Manuel - 172m

Thomas Coiscault - 145m

Adam McLaughlin - 135m


European Singles - Saturday/Sunday


The first thing to say, is a huge thank you to Michele and his team who organised a faultless and superb venue and event. Great fields, great hospitality and food. Superb.


Weather for the 2 days was windy from the start, not an easy tournament by any means.


MTA was interesting with several flying away, including a 3.5 minute flight from Adam Mac (UK), which was lost out of sight. Most other events were thrown in medium to strong winds, the worst being during the afternoon for Aussie round.












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