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7th and 8th May 2011

Birmingham - Windermere Road Park

Weather - Swirly, tricky 10mph+ winds. Dry.


A small group met for the beginning of the UK season, joined by our French friend Yvan Madec.


After a beautiful April, with light winds and warm conditions, the boomerang weather forecast for the weekend in Birmingham was looking decidedly dodgy in the days preceding.


As it turned out, the Saturday was all that was needed to complete the 6 events, just as well, because Sunday turned out with 20 mph winds.


The day started with Accuracy in 8-12 mph winds, pretty tough going. Considering the wind, Jim Millars winning score of was pretty respectable.


Accuracy quickly followed, in much the same conditions.A 2 minute time out was set, but thankfully that wasn't needed. Adam managed a fast 28 secs, using a 9% triblader.


We debated next whether to do MTA, as winds had suddenly dropped, but as it turned out, not for long at all. So onto Endurance, followed by Trick, Aussie then finally MTA in still tricky winds.


The competition didnt start until early afternoon, but was all done by 7PM, where a few totally exhausted throwers retired for some decent grub and alcohol. The timing as it turned out was very good, because the for next 5 hours, it didnt stop raining. Welcome to May.


Scores below -






boomingham 2011

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Boomingham 2011 wind ranking - 3.5/5

1 = How can it be too calm for MTA?!

2= Perfect. Throw till your arm hurts.

3= Tricky, but not bad...

4= Hard work, but throwable

5= Put boomerangs away. Get a kite.