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This premier tournament attracts the best of Europes throwers and once you are there you can see why. A huge beach and usually very, very nice conditions. Throw into the mix some great friends and food and a nice bit of warmth and you have all the ingredients for a nice weekend.


Viareggio is a pretty and interesting town in North Italy, best reached by flying into Pisa. Then take your pick - a 1 hour coach ride takes you almost to the hotel front door, or take a couple of trains to get there quicker.


The event is organised by Mr Alessandro (below) and is often attended by the Brits. Several records have been set in the past at Viareggio, including 2 current UK records (Accuracy 91) and Aussie (89 Points).


If that wasn't enough, how about 2 world records as well, strangely for the same 2 events.


The end of season weekend is virtually always at the beginning of October, email Ale or the Italian boomerang club for details.








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Alessandro Benedetti - Viareggio organiser

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Jay Royo (FR) - think human Zebedee

Fuzzy boomerang ... the preferred Aussie round boomerang - especially at Viareggio

Lars Overzee (NL) - Trick catch doubling.

Olivier Chelmas (FR)

Michel Misslin (FR)