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This end of summer event is held in the beautiful Welsh village of Trefriw, with virtually always strong winds. Hosted by Jay and Jill Butters, this more than makes up for anything the weather throws at us. The first Trefriw was held way back in 1997, and has only missed one year, due to us hosting the Europeans.


Often we have guests from overseas attending this, so numbers are always good.


Winners role call


1997 - Julian Cruikshank

1998 - Jim Reid

1999 - Jim Millar

2000 - Martin Laslett

2001 - Oli Theinhaus

2002 - Oli Theinhaus

2003 - Mark Holman-Lisney

2004 - Jens Crabbe

2005 - Martin Laslett

2006 - Manuel Schutz

2008 - Adam McLaughlin

2009 - Adam McLaughlin & Jack Butters

2010 - Oli Theinhaus

2011 - Change of format for now... Team Games only and a brand new trophy up for grabs!




about ...Trefriw

village trefriw trophy shield

The lovely trophy - made by Martin Laslett.