British Boomerang Society

Site last update May 2018

This is the original and oldest UK boomerang venue held in the historic suburbs of Shrewsbury. Russell Jones is rumoured to train there at night time under powerful spotlights.


Michel Dufyard (Fr) set a World record long distance here before records began.


Time and date: 11.00 am (ish) Saturday June 20th

Location: London Road Sports Centre, London Road, Shrewsbury, SY2 6PR


Winners role call


1998 - Andy Furniss

1999 - Mark Holman-Lisney

2000 - Lorenz Gubler (Sw)

2001 - Lorenz Gubler (Sw)

2002 - Martin Laslett

2003 - Martin Laslett

2004 - Adam McLaughlin

2005 - Mark Holman-Lisney

2006 - Mark Holman-Lisney

2007 - Mark Holman-Lisney

2008 - Mark Holman-Lisney

2009 - Adam McLaughlin

2010 - Adam McLaughlin

2011 - Russel Jones - after 1 event we cancelled due to high wind

2012 - Martin Laslett - Indoor tournament, unthrowable winds.

2015 - NEW FORMAT - Adam McLaughlin and Sean McKenna Slade




A new format of event, which will be a cross between team games and individuals. Jim, Adam and Martin

have all tried these games at various times, usually one on one challenges. They are brilliant fun and a bit different to the usual 6 events.


This year we are expecting throwers of quite different abilities so the teams will be pairs of mixed abilities! A new trophy that the winning pair can have marked with their names every year.


The events for 2015 to be contested on Saturday 20th June.


1. Haccuracy - 2 Rounds cummulative score

2. MTA Accuracy

3. Fast Catch Head to Head

5. Aussie round

5. Accuracy




about ...Shrewsbury ..NEW VENUE!


A nice venue - which we have used in the past! The current UK fast catch record was set here in 2007!